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JUST like nature intended

Handcrafted Natural Bath,Body and Home

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Artisan Handmade Soaps

Real, handmade soap contains raw ingredients that include fat and/or oil, liquid and lye. Most mass-produced bars that you buy from the drug store or supermarket contain ingredients not recognized as real soap by the FDA. And this is with good reason! These ingredients are usually harsh detergents and hardening agents. You will see that their packaging omits the word soap


Scented Wax Melts

Our wax melts, come in 2 version, whipped and clamshell melts. Both of our versions are made with a combination of soy and coconut waxes for better quality

Soft and silky hand and body lotion

Our Handmade Lotions are oh so skin softening, smooth, silky, and never greasy. Loaded with skin loving oils, butters and lots of silk!

The ultimate handmade lotion

Naturally Simple

Skin is your body’s largest organ and your protective barrier. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impervious or impenetrable. You need to be aware of what you’re exposing it to. If you put dangerous ingredients on your skin, they get into your body — exactly where you don’t want them. Consider all of the potential irritants that come in contact with your skin — chemical-laden personal hygiene products, city-treated water, antiperspirant; the list goes on and on. Abiding by a natural skin care routine, and using natural skin care products will help your skin feel and look healthier than ever before.

"All your products are a blessing to our Home"

G.S. Arkansas

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